Salary calculator

This salary calculator helps you to get a net salary from gross salary and vice versa using SRS data in Latvia, year 2019.

Calculation result

Net salary (take-home) 712.00 EUR
Social tax 11% 110.00 EUR
Personal income tax 20% 178.00 EUR
Social tax, employer's part 24.09% 240.90 EUR
Business risk fee 0.36 EUR
Total employer's expenses 1241.26 EUR

Please do not use this data for real salary calculations.

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Differentiated non-taxable minimum

In the field "non-Taxable minimum" is specified "0", because now it is not a fixed data, you have to specify this minimum in accordance with the data of the SRS or taxpayer's predicted minimum.

The maximum non-taxable minimum is 2760 EUR per year.

The non-taxable minimum is 0 EUR if the annual taxable income is more than 13 200 EUR, for example, the salary is 1101 EUR per month.

Progressive monthly income tax rate

The rate of 20% on monthly income is up to 1667 EUR.

The rate of 23% on the part of the monthly income after 1667 EUR.

Progressive annual income tax rate

The rate of 20% on annual income up to 20004 EUR.

The rate of 23% on the part of annual income exceeding 20004 EUR and up to 62800 EUR.

The rate of 31.4% on the annual income exceeding 62800 EUR when filing the annual Declaration.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage within the normal working time is 430 EUR per month in 2019.

The minimum wage is defined in the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 656.

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