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Profit €600.00
Social tax from €500 31.07% €155.35
Social tax from €100 5% €5.00
Personal income tax 20% €87.93

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VSAOI - mandatory state social insurance contributions.

Self-employed person - a natural person who is registered with the SRS as a performer of economic activity.

In 2021, the minimum amount of the VSAOI facility is €500 and the maximum amount is €62,800.

VSAOI contributions are not made if the income from the beginning of the year does not exceed €50.

A report on mandatory state social insurance contributions must be submitted to the SRS for each quarter for which mandatory contributions are made.

Personal Income Tax (IIN) on economic activities is calculated for the year by filing an annual income tax return.

The IIN is calculated by applying a progressive personal income tax rate to annual income. Description is in Salary calculator.