Salary calculator in Latvia for 2018

This salary calculator helps you to get a net salary from gross salary and vice versa.

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Calculation result

712.00 EUR
Social tax 11% 110.00 EUR
Personal income tax 20% 178.00 EUR
Social tax, employer's part 24.09% 240.90 EUR
Business risk fee 0.36 EUR
Total employer's expenses 1241.26 EUR

Please do not use this data for real salary calculations.

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Last changes:

Differentiated non-taxable minimum

In the field "non-Taxable minimum" is specified "0", because now it is not a fixed data, you have to specify this minimum in accordance with the data of the SRS.

The maximum non-taxable minimum is 2400 EUR per year.

The non-taxable minimum is 0 EUR if the annual taxable income is more than 12 000 EUR, for example, the salary is 1001 EUR per month.

Progressive monthly income tax rate

The rate of 20% on monthly income is up to 1667 EUR.

The rate of 23% on the part of the monthly income after 1667 EUR.

Progressive annual income tax rate

The rate of 20% on annual income up to 20 004 EUR.

The rate of 23% on the part of annual income exceeding 20 004 EUR and up to 55 000 EUR.

The rate of 31.4% on the annual income exceeding 55 000 EUR when filing the annual Declaration.

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